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We're an organization working to revolutionize motherhood in America.
We envision a nation where the social foundation for maternal figures is built upon inclusion, value and supportive social policies. 

The Maternal Revolution initiates conversations that identify the root causes and facilitate brainstorming from all different types of moms on possible solutions. Conversations that challenge the social construct of American motherhood and highlights the value, roles and responsibilities of moms to ensure that efficient legislation and social policies can be developed that will truly support who and what they are.

Mellissa Wood

Mellissa Wood

My top obsessions include: my three guys, making a difference in the lives of moms, and French fries. In that order. Occasionally the French fries do come first.

At a young age, my mother instilled in me a fiery passion for making a positive difference in the world. And so, I pursued a Bachelor of Social Work degree and kicked off my career working for Mayor Bloomberg’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence. I went on to co-write and associate produce an investigative documentary about Yelp called Billion Dollar Bully. The documentary was released in 2019 on Amazon and iTunes and caused Yelp’s stock to drop 4.7%.

After becoming a mom in 2016, I found myself engulfed in a newfound passion for doing my part to help make the world a better place for moms. In 2020, I co-founded The Maternal Revolution with the goal of creating a maternal culture that includes equality, support, and respect for all moms.  

Natalie Stanback

Natalie Stanback

Natalie Stanback is a California native who is now rooted in Texas after spending a decade in the Pacific Northwest. A wife of 1 and a mother of 3 (+ 3 fur babies) she finds joy in her faith, her family and fitness and like Mell, French Fries live - rent free - in her heart. 

Natalie has a passion for medicine and healthcare but after 3.5 years of pre-med studies she developed an interest in the way that healthcare is administered and managed leading to her career and studies transitioning to the arena of Healthcare Quality, Compliance and Administration. When not working, Natalie is spreading awareness and advocating for research and cures for those living with Type 1 Diabetes in honor of her daughter, who lives with the disease, and her late brother who lost his life to it. 

Motherhood is something that Natalie always knew she wanted to experience and as a woman of color, she knew that her experience would be met with unique challenges and experiences. The Maternal Revolution is the means by which she hopes to incite change, in society, that will address challenges and unique experiences not only for women of color but for all moms.


Fun Fact

Nat and Mell have been great friends since 1997 when they met in the 8th grade. Their friendship has pretty much remained the same with the exception of added degrees, careers, marriages, and just a few babies (5!) 

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