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Momview: Starring Sukari Johnson

How did your motherhood journey start?

Right after marriage! I had a honeymoon baby! A girl, my sweets. Then two years later my preemie boy Alex.

What was your birthing experience(s) like?

My pregnancies were always difficult, I had to take it easy with my daughter, and I was on bed rest with my son, which later became bed rest in the hospital. Alex came almost 3 months early. He was less than 3pds and stayed in the NICU for 3 months.

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve had as a mom? Do you think some of them, or all of them, could have been avoided or lessened if we had a more supportive maternal culture in America?

My personal challenge was holding it together mentally. Feeling like I was giving to everyone instead of myself. When you become a mother, it doesn’t mean you abandon your personal needs, or the things that make you happy. I believe it could have been avoided if I had people around me who told me “its ok”. If I had people around me that didn’t make me feel guilty if I wasn’t around my kids all the time.

In your opinion, how do we evoke and incite a sisterhood of motherhood? Just by supporting each other and praying for each other and creating more platforms like this one.

We’re well aware that deep inequality exists among moms in America. How do you think we help amplify all mom’s voices?

By staying connected, by educating each generation, and stay current on policies that affect motherhood.

Speaking of maternal inequality, how do you think we go about encouraging moms to care about other mom’s problems, even if they aren’t shared problems?

Group like this helps mothers and supporting companies and nonprofits that try to create an ecosystem of motherhood.

If you could create a new maternal culture tomorrow, what would it look like?

Passport moms. A place where we are constantly celebrated and educated.

We talk about how you can’t put the maternal social policy cart before the maternal connection and equality horse. Do you agree with that?

They both are equally important.

What maternal social policies do you think the U.S. should have? And why?

I believe in the policies that gives the women the right to choose, what she wants or doesn’t want with her body. Increasing Medicaid for Maternal Health Services. I believe in outlaws of shackling of pregnant inmates.

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