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Updated: Nov 22, 2022

White moms are enraged these days.

I’d know, I’m one of them. We’ve gone from downing mother’s little helpers in our 1950’s suffocating kitchens to fighting for society to accept us working outside the home to working both inside and outside the home. And now we’re pissed that we don't have more support while we work inside and outside the home.

Equality is a basic human right, or so we’ve said time and time again. We know that we don’t deserve to be underpaid, undervalued, under respected and overworked. And numerous times throughout history, we’ve created maternal revolutions for ourselves in the name of equality. And here we are again, at the precipice of a maternal revolution. Our army, filled with frustrated and fed up white moms, is growing every single day. And we’re getting louder and louder. We’re weary of our heavy loads and done carrying them alone. We’re ready for our maternal revolution.

Our maternal revolution.

Make no mistake, this is a white mom’s maternal revolution. It’s a far too familiar story. A maternal revolution unconcerned about the inequality that exists AMONG moms. And instead, is only concerned about the inequality that exists among white moms and white men. It’s a revolution that charges forward in the name of equality all the while ignoring the maternal inequality that courses through motherhood.

The truth is that a real and lasting maternal revolution requires that white moms first address the inequality that exists inside the maternal space. That we stand in solidarity with moms of different skin colors. That we acknowledge that black and brown moms have been, for centuries, carrying loads far heavier than our own. And in that acknowledgement, embracing the fact that we have power to fight for maternal equality that does not yet exist but can.

Assuming that any wins a white mom has will be wins for all moms, via the trickle down effect, is not a maternal revolution. It’s just another duel between white women and white men. So I ask you, is this, once again, going to be just a white mom's maternal revolution?

Or are you ready to fight for a real maternal revolution that starts inside of motherhood and ends with equality for ALL moms?

What a revolution that would be.


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