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Let's show the world how it's done

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

There is so much going wrong in our world, our country and our society. There is so much polarization, so many of us needing to be heard and not enough of us wanting to listen. We are so quick to anger, we hastily find fault, sometimes even seek it, and immediately move to cancelation. If not for change then for what? If we lack the capacity for change then how? To close the chasm, to minimize polarization we must move towards unity and to do so, we’ve got to seek to understand so that we can find the bits of commonality that enable us to identify with the humanity that lies within each of us.

Our politicians and social leaders have proven incapable, our educational systems are tied up with more pressing matters, so why not make it start with us? And by US I mean the Mothers, Moms and Maternal Figures in this country who, by default, are where our children turn for nurturing and guidance. Why can’t we roll up our sleeves and take the Rosie Riveter approach and instead of taking to the assembly lines while our men fight in a tangible war oversees, we teach our children empathy, grace, patience and tolerance? The future literally starts with us, we are the birthers of future generations and the architects and nurturers of our societies moral compass. The opportunity is ours for the taking, and I present the challenge that we initiate the change. Not just towards our children but modeled in our interactions within the maternal space. Humanity is the foundation of sisterhood, is it not? Let’s show the world how it’s done!



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