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Updated: Dec 11, 2022

The United States expects a whole lot of its mothers.

Which is the biggest non-secret secret these days. And by non-secret secret I mean that the U.S. has always tried to keep secret that it asks a whole lot from it’s moms, some more than others, and gives a whole lot less in return. But now, the secret is being spread like wildfire. Moms are questioning why they’re expected to populate the entire United States while dealing with rampant inequality inside and outside of motherhood, no maternal social policies, poor maternal healthcare, and the weight of financial and familial responsibilities.

It’s no secret though that the acts of carrying, birthing, and raising a life require that we risk our life. In far more ways than one. We risk our physical, mental, and emotional health. Our friendships, partnerships, and careers. Our whole identity. And we take on these risks for the chance to become a mom. But the thing is, regardless of whether the risks are inherently tied to motherhood or are created and sustained by society, we deserve more in return for what we risk.

For what we give.

The argument that moms should expect more in return for all that they do and give is powerful and plentiful. The fact is, the state of giving without receiving much is not sustainable. That it’s not sustainable or good for moms, for the children they’re raising, for the company they work for, for the economy they support, or for the society they help populate. But the most powerful point in the argument is that moms should expect more and should receive more because it’s their basic human right. It’s their right to live among equality, respect, support, and kindness.

So, my question to you is, if we start expecting more what do you expect will happen?


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1 Comment

Feb 28, 2022

I think it all depends on who we are expecting more from. Our spouse, family, employer?

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