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The Maternal Revolution

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Dear Moms,

We’re told that motherhood is a long, strenuous, and competitive race.

We’re told the rules and then take up our place.

It’s a race designed for none of us to win.

A race that we should never have to even begin.

But we lace up our running shoes and make our preparations.

And we’ll be damned if we don’t exceed expectations.

We’re gazelles running as fast and as strong as our minds and muscles will allow.

We pull strength from so deep inside that we know we’re difference now.

We’re shocked that we’re not given any water or time to rest.

We don’t realize that in this society, mothers are oppressed.

We lack respect, equality, and supportive policies.

Just check statistics, the media, and American ideologies.

We pull our economic weight, with incomes and professional capabilities.

While also managing households and childcare responsibilities.

We know you must be tired of this race because we’re tired too.

But we believe there’s a solution that we can all pursue.

We call it The Maternal Revolution.

We’ll dismantle current constructions and create a maternal culture as the solution.

The Maternal Revolution is for EVERY mother.

To pave the way for mothers to come, to break barriers and be there for each other.

Let’s band together and end this race.

We’ll build a maternal culture and take our rightful place.


Mell & Nat

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